Part 1: Gauranga Breathing Meditation

So we have a quite, actually complicated subject today but I was requested by several people to speak on this idea, so I agreed to do so, so you’ll have to pay attention. Now, to help us get in the right mood and to clear our thoughts a little bit we’re going to start with a very easy meditation. Many of you probably already know this. We’ve taught it many times before. Some of you may not. It’s a deep breathing meditation. We call it Gauranga breathing meditation.

I think everybody received one of our little mantra cards. If you didn’t, raise your hand and we will give you another card. And the mantra we’ll be using is on the front of the… well, what’s the front and what’s the back? How about the lotus flower side? So the mantra is Gauranga, Nitai Gaur. This type of meditation is mantra meditation. Mantras are transcendental sounds. Transcendental means spiritual. They’re spiritual sound vibrations originating in the spiritual realm and descending into this material realm. And because they come from the spiritual realm they bring with them great spiritual power. So when we contact that sound vibration we’re automatically receive great spiritual benefit.

Just today even, but many, many times in the past people have said, “Meditation for me is so difficult. I’ve tried it and I just can’t do it.” And they’re thinking of silent meditation where you have to sit and remove all the thoughts from your mind and all kinds of difficult procedures. No, that is not this. This is not that.

What we’re doing is just coming in contact with the transcendental sound. The potency is in the sound. We do not make it work. We don’t need to understand it. We don’t need to have faith in it. We don’t have to believe in it. You see, it’s not about me. It’s about the sound vibration, you see. So therefore it becomes very easy, you see. You don’t have to practice for years and years. Right now you’re going to become very proficient in meditation. Take it on.

Alright, so the mantra: Gauranga Nitai Gaur. We will divide Gauranga into 4 syllables: Gaur-Ra-Ang-Ga. Nitai, 2 syllables, Ni-tai, and then Gaur. Okay?

Let’s all repeat that just to makes sure we have our pronunciation correct. I will say the mantra and everyone can respond. Okay? You ready? Gaur-Ra-Ang-Ga.

Everyone: Gaur Ra Ang Ga
Bala das: Gaur Ra Ang Ga
Everyone: Gaur Ra Ang Ga.
Bala das: Ni tai Gaur.
Everyone: Ni tai Gaur.
Bala das: Ni tai Gaur.
Everyone: Ni tai Gaur.

Bala das: Alright. Very good. Now our technique is also very simple. It’s a deep breathing technique. We will breathe in through our nose very slowly and gently, but also very deeply. We want to take the air all the way down to the lower abdomen. No shallow breathing in the chest. You see, there’s two ways to breathe, like a little bird or like a frog. This is frog breathing. Okay? So as we inhale, silently in our minds we will chant Gaur-Ra-Ang-Ga. When our body is filled with air we will begin to exhale and on the outgoing breath, out loud, we will chant Gaur-Ra-Ang-Ga. Then we will inhale again, slowly, gently and deeply and this time, silently in the mind, we will chant Nitai Gaur. And again the body fills with air, we exhale and out loud we will chant Ni-tai Gaur. Then we will repeat several times. That’s all.

Before we begin we want to relax. To help us relax we’ll take a big breath and let it out. With the outgoing breath let your tension, anxiety, frustration, whatever may be there, go away. While we do the meditation we want to listen very closely to the sound, put our mind on the sound, meditate on the sound. That’s the whole thing: meditating on this transcendental sound. Okay? So let’s do it now. It’s good to sit erect as much as possible. I know you’re not sitting in seats, you’re sitting on the ground. But still you don’t want to be too slumped over because this constricts everything, you see. Everything gets all tight and cramped up so try to sit erect, keeping the neck straight, etc. etc., just for the breathing purposes. And then as we continue stay relaxed and when we finish just sit quietly for a couple of moments and feel the effect.

Alright, here we go. All you have to do is follow my guidance. And as I sometimes say, if you want to do this, and it’s not necessary, you can put these two fingers together because this triggers a relaxation process in the body, you see. So, a little relaxation response from just doing this. Okay, here we go. Everybody take a big breath. Let it out and relax. And now very slowly gently and deeply inhale and chant Gauranga in the mind. Gaur-Ra-Ang-Ga. Ni-tai Gaur.

Gauranga Nitai Gaur breathing session continues for some minutes.

Bala das: Haribol. So you can see this is a very easy meditation to do. Maybe you also found this quite relaxing. It’s an excellent way to begin your day, excellent way to end the day, you see. So when you wake up in the morning you can do the meditation. Just before you go to sleep at night you can do the meditation. Of course you can do it anytime. So keep these cards with you. Take them home. You can practice on your own.